The last train passing my window..

Video made with my photo camera, showing the last train leaving from Rotterdam Hofplein to The Hague. This ‘Hofpleinlijn’ ran for 102 years, the last years by RandstadRail. Now the train goes straight to Rotterdam Central Station.


The video was shot from my window, August the 17th 2010, 0:33 hrs.

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New light sensor Mixing Cities

Mixing Cities soon goes to the Mediations Biennale in Poznan, Poland. Good reason for upgrading the work. The five streaming sets will each get the same classic LDR sensor, in a glass tube. Perfect against the rain!

Also two images of the test setup of one streaming set in my studio. Left below you can see the sensor and microphones. The microphones are in stockings so the wind is filtered out a bit. A piece of rain pipe is attached above the microphone (and in the same stockings) to make sure no water comes in.
The photo on the right shows the data coming in from the sensor.