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Relays Sounds on TV (and youtube)

On October 9th and 10th I presented Ralays Sounds 0.2 in my studio as part of the “Kunstroute Kralingen Crooswijk”. The local TV station Cineac Crooswijk interviewed me here (in Dutch). broadcast of October 15th, starting at 21:12 minutes. (or on youtube httpv://

Relay Sounds 0.2

This weekend I present a new work in development, a draft. This will be in my studio as part of the ‘Cultuur Route Kralingen Crooswijk. Relay Sounds 0.2 is an experiment in which I use the sounds that relay switches make. These switches are used in electronics to switch a high-power device with low power.…

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Relay Sounds 0.1

Relay Sounds is the title of my new work. Version 0.1 means that i’m experimenting right now. Five┬árelays are used not to switch things, but to make sound. The switching of these mechanical relays make certain sounds that I can imagine combine well as an auditive work. So Relays Sounds 0.1 is the first version.…

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