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Videobot in IFFR and TecArt

Videobot will be part of IFFR and TecArt 2016, simply because it’s there! At IFFR 2016 it will be available for the visitors of Januari 28th – 31st, in the evenings, in the WORM foyer At TecArt 2016 during the evening programme, Februari 10th – 13th, in the evenings, in the WORM foyer

Looking back

Eye of the Spy was graduation piece at the Interfaculty ArtScience back in 2005. Currently I’m building Videobot, which is sort off the second version of Eye of the Spy. The opening will be at WORM on the 6th of January 2016, 17 hrs!

Mixing Cities streaming set Amsterdam

In Amsterdam the microphones of “stream5” are glued at the building of STEIM, the studio for electro-instrumental music. STEIM is in the center of Amsterdam, with a canal in front and surrounded by appartements and a primary school close by. Photos from left to right: mics at the STEIM building, the PC that delivers the…

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Mixing Cities Upgrade

The streaming sets got a minor update, but the installation itself needed a repaint of the speakers and the ‘cabinet’ ¬†which holds the mixing deck. The small PowerBook inside the cabinet would often crash, and is now replaced by a new computer. The installation is now Linux (Ubuntu) based instead of Apple OS X.