Author: Bart Koppe

Old blog and Mixing Cities

Found back my old blog on WayBackMachine. There I was still developing Mixing Cities… Also blog posts from Eye of the Spy, which just recently got a sort of “version 2” as Videobot. And can now be seen in the WORM foyer, generally when there are events or when the Wunderbar is open.

Videobot in IFFR and TecArt

Videobot will be part of IFFR and TecArt 2016, simply because it’s there! At IFFR 2016 it will be available for the visitors of Januari 28th – 31st, in the evenings, in the WORM foyer At TecArt 2016 during the evening programme, Februari 10th – 13th, in the evenings, in the WORM foyer


Coming Wednesday I will present a new work at WORM. Videobot is an unusual robot. It does its best to look at you, to follow and move along with you. While moving around, it tries to see who is in front of it. As participant you can help Videobot follow you, so squeaking and beeping,…

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Looking back

Eye of the Spy was graduation piece at the Interfaculty ArtScience back in 2005. Currently I’m building Videobot, which is sort off the second version of Eye of the Spy. The opening will be at WORM on the 6th of January 2016, 17 hrs!

audio track HangUp

This audio piece was made for the RadioVoicemail-project. Between the 12th and the 19th of August one could listen to this track by dialing +31 (0)6 1973 6048. The track was constructed by using the rotary dial of an old phone, dialing the phone number 06-19736048 numerous times.